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Benny Bellamacina 

U K U L E L E    S O N G S


Ten new songs written on a ukulele

OUT NOW : Recorded in London and beautifully produced by Steve Fenton

Joe Brown and Benny Bellamacina at Friar Park

Benny Bellamacina and lovely Joe Brown legendary ukulele player at Friar Park.


Play ukulele along with the album tracks with these free ukulele tab sheets

Benny Bellamacina song "the wonder of it all" words and music - ukulele tabs.jpg
Benny Bellamacina song - words and music - the simple things make me happy - ukulele tabs.jpg

- Ukulele chords - lyrics Free PDF download

the wonder of it all

rainbow at the end of my garden

:-) Rainbow 🌈 A song I wrote during the first lockdown 2020


At the end of my garden

Won't you promise me you'll always stay

Then I can make a wish

That will come true

To find someone special like you


Promise me you'll never go

And like 

The stars the sun the moon

You'll always glow

And as time goes by

And we grow old

Our rainbow will turn to gold

tomorrow will be a good day

A tribute to Captain Tom Moore "Tomorrow will be a good day"

Sometimes when I'm all alone

And I'm thinking

Of everything

I know that in my heart of hearts

Tomorrow will be a good day

Sometimes when I'm fast asleep

And I'm dreaming

Of everything I've seen

I know that in my hearts of hearts

Tomorrow will be a good day

All of my life I've been waiting

To share all my thoughts with you

Together we will pull through


I'm on my way to New York city

Boarding BA flight two five eight

I'm going to see an old friend

Who lives up the Empire State

He's an writer and a poet

And he thinks my accent's great

We catch the early train to Nashville

To hear some country songs

Georgie's in a band there

I've not seen him for so long

He's a singer and an artist

And he can do no wrong

Oh when Georgie sings

When Georgie sings

When Georgie sings

He paints a beautiful picture

Of everything

the wonder of it all

Tell me where the moon is hiding

Why the stars are shinning

Why the tide goes away

Tell me why we can't see the wind

Why the flowers come in spring

Please tell me everything

Tell me why the world is spinning round

And why the clouds don't fall down to the ground

Tell me why in autumn the leaves

Go a golden brown

Please tell me everything

The wonder of it all

So much to see great and small

The wonder of it all.

"Oh Kathleen"

:-) A little song for our very lovely grandma Kathleen

Oh Kathleen

you're so love love lovely

you say in your head you're only sixteen

you're certainly the most remarkable girl

there's ever been

Oh Kathleen

this is your song

give us a smile like 

you did all along

you came down to old London town

and won our hearts

Oh Kathleen

you're so love love lovely

Oh Kathleen

you're so love love lovely

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